A very recently reincarnated Deva.

Basic Stats

Level 2 Invoker of Ilmater
Lawful Good Male Invoker
16 STR 12 CON 10 DEX 14 INT 16 WIS 13 CHA
13 AC 13 FORT 14 REF 15 WILL 26 HP

Trained skills

Arcana, Diplomacy, Insight, Religion

Class/Path/Destiny Features

Rebuke Undead
Preserver’s Rebuke


Ritual Casting (non-standard book: tattoos)
Insightful Preservation
Radiant Power

At-Will Powers

Sun Strike
Vanguard’s Lightning

Encounter Powers

Blades of Astral Fire

Daily Powers

Summon Angel of Fire

Utility Powers

Emissary of the Gods (E)


Hand of Fate
Create Campsite


Airaden is still reeling from his recent rebirth. As he travels through the forests and marshes of Toril with his new companions, he sees flashes from his previous lives. Sword in hand, he lead a small force of peasants against a petty tyrant. Gnarled and weary hands sought to aid any who survived a disastrous battle. Strong back and arms built shelters for those lost in the wake of the Dragonflight’s wraith. The memories are brief, vague, and sometimes confusing, but they all share a common theme. Now he hunts devils. The details of their plans are unknown, but one thing is certain: where devils triumph, innocents suffer. Where there is suffering, there is need for the servants of Ilmater.


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