Archus is the only surviving member of the Feyhound scouts sent to Toril to track down a mysterious devil


Archus is a tall, proud Feyhound Champion from the Gates of the Moon, a plane where his matron, the goddess Selune dwells. Archus dresses in vibrant green and yellow clothing and a bright red cape. His eyes are pale and sunken, but within them is a glimmer of wisdom most people of Faerun will never gain. Wherever Archus travels, an aura of nobility follows. A constant and tireless warrior in the service of his goddess, Archus carries with him a long bow, and his trademark greatsword.


Archus is the only remaining Feyhound of a large scouting team sent to the prime material plane on Toril to track a devil thief in possession of a very powerful artifact that could threaten the sanctity of the Gates of the Moon. With the death of the Goddess Mystra still on everyone’s minds, there is no length at which Archus will not go, in order to preserve the defense of Selune.

Recently, as Archus traveled with a band of adventurers, he went missing. Shortly after meeting up with a mysterious mongrelman who led the party to a cave which hopefully, will lead them to the Devil thief and the answer to the mysteries they seek to answer.


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