After the Spellplague raged across the planet Toril, the Kingdom of Cormyr emerged strong and relatively intact. But this bastion of humanity would soon be tested by the after effects of the ravaged world around them. Among their largest problems was the returned city of Netheril, an ancient metropolis of mighty magic users that avoided catastrophy thousands of years ago by escaping to the planet’s twin world, Abeir. After many parts of the two planets merged during the Spellplague, Netheril has returned, and is now filled with shadowy beings of immense power.

The posturing of the planet’s two most powerful forces will soon embroil the region in conflict and it is you that will be called upon to save the people from obliteration, from the Tides of Shadow….

Tides of Shadow is DM’d by Will Cornell, a Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force and a fan of the game since First and Second editions. Our troop consists of military and non-military, spouses, children and family members from all over the Fayetteville, NC area. We currently have 9 players.

Update! 9/20/09

- Ladies and Gentlemen, our latest session is complete. I am going to give the opportunity to you all to complete the Adventure Log. There will be in-game rewards for anyone who contributes to the latest entry. Also remember, that there is an in-game item still up for grabs to anyone who finishes the final incomplete entry already in the Adventure Log Feywilde.

The Tides of Shadow

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