The Tides of Shadow

Chapter 2: Sigil, the City of Doors

After the battle with Dorian Dreadwind the party members find themselves in the middle of the mysterious city, Sigil. The collision between the two Sphere’s of Annihilation had evidently rent a dimensional rift and left the characters stranded in this extra planar city. New characters have also emerged and joined the party. Strange petitioners have been portaled into the City of Doors in search of the original few who were scattered to the planes.

After speaking with the being known as Rule of Three, our heroes have left in search of the spheres. Rumored now to be in hell. After securing passage through a portal the adventurers have been whisked away to yet another strange land. The inhospitable maze that is the City of Dis. The second layer of hell has proven to be a difficult place to traverse thus far, but the adventurers are well on their way to making it down to the Minauros, where they’re sure to find what they’re looking for…..

WELCOME BACK EVERYONE from our 2 month break. Chapter 2 has begun! Good luck!

Chapter 1: Annihilation

This Advevnture Log entry is here for party members to fill out. This adventure includes the session in which Dorian Dreadwind finished his ritual and the two Spheres of Annihilation created a dimensional rift which scattered the party throughout the cosmos. Some members survived the explosion and reappeared on another plane, while others disappeared entirely. And yet new party members were introduced as they explored a very interesting new place. The City of Doors….Sigil.

Chapter 1: Fall of the Fey

This Advevnture Log entry is here for party members to fill out. This adventure includes the session in which Archus and Solametrius effectively died. Also see the homepage for details on rewards for adding to this entry.

Chapter 1: The Stasis Chamber

This Advevnture Log entry is here for party members to fill out. This adventure includes the session in which the party explored the mysterious Stasis Chamber below Darktusk Caverns. Also see the homepage for details on rewards for adding to this entry.

Chapter 1: Darktusk Caverns

And so it was that our heroes decided to track the Darktusk Raiders back to their mountain hideout.

Eclii and Kero, the dwarves battled through an alcohol related sickness for most of the day.

Gnyx the halfling had a terrible time avoiding Choker monsters as they throttled the poor girl.

Kallista the Psion proved to be more than a match for the feeble minded denizens of the cavern’s upper levels.

Hubert, Gromil and Airaden held fast against a giant skeleton and it’s pet Krenshars.

All in all, the heroes performed quite well despite having their dwarven comrades out of commission, but there is still a long way to go, as these caverns seem to be quite extensive. It’s difficult to tell just how deep the caverns go and what else could be lurking further in, but as of yet the party hasn’t even seen an orc….

Chapter 1: A Light in the Dark

It’s been nearly a month since our trepid adventurers finally tracked down the devil thief, Spineshank and killed him. But now it seems as though several unanswered questions from that chase are coming back to haunt our heroes.

Gnyx the halfling was recently visited by a Feylantern, a sentient glowing ball of light from the Gates of the Moon, and was told that Archus never resurfaced after his mysterious disappearance.

Grrromil and Eclii were roused from a month of trading their hard earned gold for gallons of booze by a goblin thief named Bludfoot, who tried to rob them, and after a short interogation session learned of plots against Cormyr from the Orcish Darktusk tribe.

Kallista the mysterious psion who was rescued from the depths of the underground monestary in Wheloon learned more about the man who escaped the final battle with Spineshank and now has a name to add to the face …Dorian Dreadwind.

And just as all of our heroes were ready to set off together in search of more clues to all these mysteries, they ran into Hubert who had been hired on as a caravan guard and was in the process of being waylayed by orcs from the very same tribe that was said to have been crafting plans to attack Cormyr.

The second chapter in our adventure begins here! Will the heroes track down a band of orcs bent on the destruction of the kingdom? Or will they attempt to discover more clues about the mysterious Dorian Dreadwind, the man ultimately behind the theft of an artifact that could threaten the sanctity of the Gates of the Moon?

Chapter 1: The Devil Went Down

Today our heroes saw victory as they managed to wade their way through gang members, undead and followers of Shar and made their way through the underground temple in the city of Wheloon.

In the end, the Devil, a Spinagon named Spineshank lay dead at the foot of a portal now closed. But not before his master, a tall, gaunt human male dressed in grey robes escaped with the unknown artifact originally sought after by Archus and his band of Feyhounds.

In the process of hunting down Spineshank, many of the original heroes have disappeared or left to pursue other goals. But new adventurers have joined in the search! And they came just in time as our trepid adventurers were pitted against their greatest foe yet. A Young Black Dragon! Clearly outmatched in his attempt to guard the exit, the heroes dispatched him and managed to foil the Devil’s last escape.

Our first adventure ends here. What’s next?

Chapter 1: Mysterious Mongrelman

After the battle at the Barrows of King’s Forest, the adventurers discovered more evidence that Priets of Shar had indeed been consorting with Devils for some nefarious purpose. The Priestess of Selune, whom the heroes sought for advice was slain during the battle, but was miraculously reincarnated as the mysterious Deva, Airaden.

After a lengthy journey across the Cormyrian countryside using Airaden’s ritualistic magic to guide them, our heroes met a strange and seemingly insane Mongrelman, who made his home in the swamps near King’s Forest Lake. The Mongrelman agreed to lead the adventurers through the swamp to the entrance of an underwater cavern, which they could use to reach the location where the Devil was hiding.

Left without guides after Archus and the Mongrelman disappeared, the adventurers split up to cover more ground. Eclii, Dak and Gnyx entered the maze of underwater tunnels in search of the Mongrelman where they battled their way through Sahuagins and the Undead, only to emerge in equally dangerous surroundings, the prison city of Wheloon.

Airaden, Grrromil and Hubert traveled over the country side in an attempt to track the stealthy Devil thief, and had their own dealings with Bandits and Devilish minions. Nearing Wheloon they were soon drawn by an eerie light through the darkness that led them to a secret entrance under the city walls.

The seperated party now seeks the final clues as to the whereabouts of the Devil thief and it’s masters, the priests of Shar.

It is here where the next adventure begins!

Chapter 1: Release the Hounds!

Behind Toril, behind the castles and villages, lay many unseen realms. It is through one of these realms that Toril’s most recent visitors appeared. Feyhounds, from the Gates of the Moon appeared in different areas, all over the planet, searching for a Devil from the lower planes, who has stolen an artifact of immense power. They have suspicions that the artifact is to be used by agents of Shar, the goddess of Darkness and Loss, in their eternal struggle against the goddess of Light and the Moon, Selune.

Each of our heroes has, through seemingly random events, been thrust into the middle of this great battle. Drawn into the Feywilde by the Hounds. The heroes battled dozens of Devils and monsters from the depths of the Abyss. Victory was soon achieved, but not without a price. The Feyhounds lost many valiant warriors, and only one now remains to help guide the heroes on a quest to stem these attacks. In the midst of all this, the Devil’s leader, now known as Spineshank, was able to escape.

Our heroes have discovered many clues as to the whereabouts of Spineshank, but always seem to be one step behind as his fiendish plots unfold.

From all corners of the planet, the heroes converged on the King’s Forest in Cormyr, and discovered an agent of Shar, deep in ritual, who commanded a slew of devils. It didn’t take long before they stood over the corpse of this new agent, a human priestess of Shar. Who is this person? How was she tied to the devilish presence on Toril and what clues does she hold to aid in tracking down who’s ultimately responsible for these attacks.

This is where our next adventure begins!


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