Will the Sellsword in Training

Hire-on following Hubert in his exploits.


“Currently LVL 4 minion type”

A hire-on for Hubert, Will has proven to be able to hand the more mundane affairs of handling the horses and other duties, it has yet to be seen if he can handle himself in a fight.


Both of Will’s parents were indentured servants to a very powerful spice farmer. After years of very hard labor they managed to buy their way to a better life. They took their knowledge of spices and spice farming and opened a micro farm. They specialized in growing and proccessing new and exotic spices. With their new business underway they decided to bring a child into their lives.

Their first try at a child failed when Wills mother Galinda fell from a horse while delivering spice to Chessenta. This left his mother in a terribly depressed state of mind. She became growing illegal spices and using them herself as self medication. Wills father Jup couldnt handle his wife always under the influence and began drinking himself.

One night of drunkeness and self medication led to the conception of a new baby. But Galinda didn’t know for quite some time that she was actually with child. It wasnt until she started showing that she pulled off the spice and began taking care of herself. Jup was concerned it would cause the baby harm.

His concern wasnt unwarrented. The baby was born nearly a month early. And severly underweight. But the babys health problems didnt stop there.

During his baby years Will was not able to breast feed properly and had to be fed by soaking a cloak in the milk and squeezing it into his mouth.

In his toddler years Will did not develop as quickly as other children. He was nearly 2 before she started walking. 2 and a half before he said his first words. And almost 5 before he was able to use the bathroom like an adult. And wet the bed well into his teen years.

When Will was old enough to go to school he was often punished by the teachers for being stubborn. He never could grasp the concept of numbers and letters.

When he became a teenager and began to understand life more and think about his future he based many of his plans around gathering his parents inheritance.

His parents spice farm was thriving. They did well enough they needed to hire help. And eventually became successful enough to sell everything and buy a ship.

Will was very excited about this prospect as he had always dreamed of being on the ocean.

But tragedy struck when Wills parents were boarded by Orc Pirates. The pirates sent his parents overboard and later piloted the ship into some very rough water where it was utterly destroyed.

Now Will had to become a grown up. But without any education and no job skills he found it very difficult. Until one day he was able to convince a group of adventurers that he was an accomplished sellsword and was hired on by a tiefling in need of a hired hand. Will was worried at first until he realized his job would be to care for the horses.

Will the Sellsword in Training

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