The Tides of Shadow

Chapter 1: Mysterious Mongrelman

After the battle at the Barrows of King’s Forest, the adventurers discovered more evidence that Priets of Shar had indeed been consorting with Devils for some nefarious purpose. The Priestess of Selune, whom the heroes sought for advice was slain during the battle, but was miraculously reincarnated as the mysterious Deva, Airaden.

After a lengthy journey across the Cormyrian countryside using Airaden’s ritualistic magic to guide them, our heroes met a strange and seemingly insane Mongrelman, who made his home in the swamps near King’s Forest Lake. The Mongrelman agreed to lead the adventurers through the swamp to the entrance of an underwater cavern, which they could use to reach the location where the Devil was hiding.

Left without guides after Archus and the Mongrelman disappeared, the adventurers split up to cover more ground. Eclii, Dak and Gnyx entered the maze of underwater tunnels in search of the Mongrelman where they battled their way through Sahuagins and the Undead, only to emerge in equally dangerous surroundings, the prison city of Wheloon.

Airaden, Grrromil and Hubert traveled over the country side in an attempt to track the stealthy Devil thief, and had their own dealings with Bandits and Devilish minions. Nearing Wheloon they were soon drawn by an eerie light through the darkness that led them to a secret entrance under the city walls.

The seperated party now seeks the final clues as to the whereabouts of the Devil thief and it’s masters, the priests of Shar.

It is here where the next adventure begins!



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