The Tides of Shadow

Chapter 1: The Devil Went Down

Today our heroes saw victory as they managed to wade their way through gang members, undead and followers of Shar and made their way through the underground temple in the city of Wheloon.

In the end, the Devil, a Spinagon named Spineshank lay dead at the foot of a portal now closed. But not before his master, a tall, gaunt human male dressed in grey robes escaped with the unknown artifact originally sought after by Archus and his band of Feyhounds.

In the process of hunting down Spineshank, many of the original heroes have disappeared or left to pursue other goals. But new adventurers have joined in the search! And they came just in time as our trepid adventurers were pitted against their greatest foe yet. A Young Black Dragon! Clearly outmatched in his attempt to guard the exit, the heroes dispatched him and managed to foil the Devil’s last escape.

Our first adventure ends here. What’s next?



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