The Tides of Shadow

Chapter 1: Release the Hounds!

Behind Toril, behind the castles and villages, lay many unseen realms. It is through one of these realms that Toril’s most recent visitors appeared. Feyhounds, from the Gates of the Moon appeared in different areas, all over the planet, searching for a Devil from the lower planes, who has stolen an artifact of immense power. They have suspicions that the artifact is to be used by agents of Shar, the goddess of Darkness and Loss, in their eternal struggle against the goddess of Light and the Moon, Selune.

Each of our heroes has, through seemingly random events, been thrust into the middle of this great battle. Drawn into the Feywilde by the Hounds. The heroes battled dozens of Devils and monsters from the depths of the Abyss. Victory was soon achieved, but not without a price. The Feyhounds lost many valiant warriors, and only one now remains to help guide the heroes on a quest to stem these attacks. In the midst of all this, the Devil’s leader, now known as Spineshank, was able to escape.

Our heroes have discovered many clues as to the whereabouts of Spineshank, but always seem to be one step behind as his fiendish plots unfold.

From all corners of the planet, the heroes converged on the King’s Forest in Cormyr, and discovered an agent of Shar, deep in ritual, who commanded a slew of devils. It didn’t take long before they stood over the corpse of this new agent, a human priestess of Shar. Who is this person? How was she tied to the devilish presence on Toril and what clues does she hold to aid in tracking down who’s ultimately responsible for these attacks.

This is where our next adventure begins!



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