The Tides of Shadow

Chapter 1: Darktusk Caverns

And so it was that our heroes decided to track the Darktusk Raiders back to their mountain hideout.

Eclii and Kero, the dwarves battled through an alcohol related sickness for most of the day.

Gnyx the halfling had a terrible time avoiding Choker monsters as they throttled the poor girl.

Kallista the Psion proved to be more than a match for the feeble minded denizens of the cavern’s upper levels.

Hubert, Gromil and Airaden held fast against a giant skeleton and it’s pet Krenshars.

All in all, the heroes performed quite well despite having their dwarven comrades out of commission, but there is still a long way to go, as these caverns seem to be quite extensive. It’s difficult to tell just how deep the caverns go and what else could be lurking further in, but as of yet the party hasn’t even seen an orc….



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