The Tides of Shadow

Chapter 1: A Light in the Dark

It’s been nearly a month since our trepid adventurers finally tracked down the devil thief, Spineshank and killed him. But now it seems as though several unanswered questions from that chase are coming back to haunt our heroes.

Gnyx the halfling was recently visited by a Feylantern, a sentient glowing ball of light from the Gates of the Moon, and was told that Archus never resurfaced after his mysterious disappearance.

Grrromil and Eclii were roused from a month of trading their hard earned gold for gallons of booze by a goblin thief named Bludfoot, who tried to rob them, and after a short interogation session learned of plots against Cormyr from the Orcish Darktusk tribe.

Kallista the mysterious psion who was rescued from the depths of the underground monestary in Wheloon learned more about the man who escaped the final battle with Spineshank and now has a name to add to the face …Dorian Dreadwind.

And just as all of our heroes were ready to set off together in search of more clues to all these mysteries, they ran into Hubert who had been hired on as a caravan guard and was in the process of being waylayed by orcs from the very same tribe that was said to have been crafting plans to attack Cormyr.

The second chapter in our adventure begins here! Will the heroes track down a band of orcs bent on the destruction of the kingdom? Or will they attempt to discover more clues about the mysterious Dorian Dreadwind, the man ultimately behind the theft of an artifact that could threaten the sanctity of the Gates of the Moon?



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